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Why buy Robiin's products?
Because we offer you:
Authentic Valencian oranges: Robiin certifies that all the distributed oranges are picked from fields in the Valencian province, located in the regions of La Safor and la Vall d'Albaida by the Valencian coastline.
Totally guaranteed quality products: The products we offer have got through all the authorities' established controls. The cooperative's technicians certify that the citruses we distribute have been grown with materials which are completely authorized and that no phytosanitary treatment has taken place after the picking.
Openness of the management: We announce a breakdown of to whom the client's product money goes.
A fair trade: The farmer is the one who sets the product's price. Robiin offers the distribution and the needed technological infrastructure to offer an efficient and sustainable trade for the Spanish fields.
The orange in optimum condition: We market around 25 different orange varieties, and we offer you the best at all times. Naturally, the oranges ripen on the tree, and when they are just ripe we pick them and send them, so in less than 24 hours they will arrive at your address.
Certificate of origin: All the products we offer belong to farmers who are associated in cooperatives, these being associations where the farmers democratically manage their properties. We guarantee that the product isn't stolen and is absolutely legal.
The union of the most traditional growing with the new technologies: Robiin combines the most traditional growing carried out by the farmers, and the latest technologies developed by a group of professionals with many years of experience in the Internet world.
  Where does your money go?
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